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About Us

What is Routermall.com?

about-us.jpgRoutermall.com is based in the Midwest with our main Shipping Warehouse in Omaha, NE as well as a nexus is Minnesota which puts us less than a 1 hour flight from the UPS and FEDEX hubs in Louisville KY, Indianapolis IN, and Memphis TN. We like to think this keeps us right in the middle of the action, enabling us to provide overnight service our customers on both coasts, even when orders come in late in the day. In order to comply with Nebraska and Minnesota state law we are required to collect sales tax on any orders shipping to those two states. If you are a reseller, include your reseller ID number in the comment section of your order and we'll have the taxes removed. If you are otherwise tax exempt, please include your Tax ID number.

Customer Focused

Routermall.com is all about our customers. We recognize that without you, we don't have much reason to be here. We also understand that good companies make very few mistakes, and that the best companies fix the ones they do make in such a way that the customer knows they are top priority.

Competitive Pricing

We are constantly shopping our online competition in an effort to provide quality used Cisco gear online at a competitive price. We have a solid warranty and great customer service, with no hassle returns of defective equipment. Even though we think our service and integrity makes our gear more valuable than the competition, we still want to be competitive on price.

Quality of Service

If your equipment has a problem within the warranty period, contact Routermall.com immediately and we will take care of it immediately to minimize downtime. If we have a replacement in stock, we will ship it out first thing. If its not in stock, we will issue a refund in a timely manner. If it develops a problem after the warranty expires, contact us and we will see about replacing it at a discount.

Return Customers

Over half our business is from return customers. We hope that means we are doing something right. We also hope you have the same experience, because we want you to come back again and again.

Corporate Accounts

Do you buy a lot of used Cisco? Do you typically purchase with a purchase order? Contact us about corporate account status and purchasing on Net Terms. Fax us your company financial info and we will do our best to approve your company for purchase credit. If you don't have the numbers to get credit now, do a few deals with us and we will give you an opportunity for Net 0 terms in which we ship the equipment and then send an invoice that will be due upon receipt. Pay these invoices in a timely manner and we will increase your terms up to 30 days.

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