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Used Adtran ESP Equipment 

In order to meet the requirements for embedded SNMP management, ADTRAN introduces the ESP series. The Embedded SNMP Plus or ESP products represent the newest members of the ADTRAN CPE product family for T1, DDS and Frame Relay. The DSU IV ESP, FSU 5622 ESP and TSU ESP products feature embedded SNMP and interchangeable option cards for Dial Backup (DBU) and 10BaseT Ethernet access to built-in management functions. The ESP product family breaks new ground in networking with a family of base units that accommodate different transmission services, yet are able to utilize the same application-specific cards, adding value to the networking application while reducing hardware costs.

While networks continue to grow and encompass many transport technologies, centralized management and product flexibility are becoming vitally important to network administrators. Networking with products that can be monitored from one central location, and have the ability to share application-specific option cards across platforms, will be of significant value to network managers and end-users focused on optimizing performance and flexibility while minimizing overall costs.

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