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Used Paradyne DDS 56K Equipment 

Based on a field-proven Bell Laboratories digital data pump, the 3500 Series DSU/CSUs provide a cost-effective solution for a broad range of operating environments. Because the 3500 Series DSU/CSUs can operate as a Limited Distance Modem (LDM) in a point-to-point application, they are ideal for campus environments that require a single unit to operate over a wide range of speeds. Depending on the speed and wire gauge, the units can operate at distances of over 16 miles between demarcation points.

The 3500 Series DSU/CSUs support traditional point-to-point and multipoint configurations. They are line-compatible with all of Paradyne's DSU/CSU products, and are also diagnostically compatible with the COMSPHERE 3600 Series DSU/CSUs and the DATAPHONE II 2500 and 2600 Series DSU/CSUs. This compatibility with a wide range of digital products provides investment protection while assuring a smooth migration path.

Routermall is your premier online reseller of quality used Paradyne DDS 56K Equipment. All our gear is cleaned, fully tested by manufacturer certified technicians and covered by our industry leading 1-year end-user warranty. Nearly all the gear you see on our site is in stock and ready to ship or in bound to us within 24 hours. Our goal is to offer high quality alternatives to new, with pricing as low as 50%-90% off retail list.

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